(WOS #05-V2X) Workshop on V2X Communications: Safety, Automated Driving, and Other Applications


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The Workshop on V2X Communications: Safety, Automated Driving, and Other Applications will be held in conjunction with the 17th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband ICUWB’2017 in Salamanca, Spain, from September 12th to 15th, 2017.


V2X communications will play an important role in Intelligent Transportation Systems. As V2X communications is coming close to deployment in North America, Europe, and Japan, the applications that it can support are evolving beyond safety to automated driving, intelligent intersections, and so on. To enable these new applications, there would be a requirement of high-throughput low-latency communications that can support the transfer of huge amount of sensor signals and other data between vehicles with a very low delay. This is a challenging task since it involves work in various aspects of vehicular channel models, PHY, and MAC layer innovations, congestion management, security issues, and efficient algorithms to share data between various vehicles, etc. The aim of the workshop is to bring together academic and industry researchers working in this fields and share their results and insights. In addition to technical papers, surveys, position papers and case studies are also welcome.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cooperative Automated driving
  • Novel applications of V2X communications 
  • Scalability algorithms 
  • Security and positioning issues 
  • Vehicular channel models 
  • Field testing 
  • PHY and MAC layer techniques 
  • High throughout, low latency communications 
  • Heterogeneous vehicular networks


  • Gaurav Bansal, Toyota ITC-USA, USA
  • Ankur Verma, Texas Instruments, USA
  • Hongsheng Lu, Toyota ITC-USA, USA

Submission & Publication:

More information: www.icuwb2017.org/participants/paper-submission